1 Energy

We manage energy projects and process subsidiary material export business by designing the best solution to meet the needs of investors and clients. We have acquired human resources and performing abilities that are necessary for processing the overall project such as solar, wind, and bio power generation business, LED street light, and electricity constructions, Due Diligence, PF construction and funding, EPC, and O&M specially in Eurasia.

2 Environment

We provide an efficient waste operation management platform for aimed countries and local cities. We design facilities which prioritize the welfare and safety of residents by constructing efficient waste treatment facility in appropriate size that can minimize the amount of landfill type waste and the production of hazardous substance but maximize the usage and resource recovery rates.


IVAYA UNIVERSE is a sort of Metaverse, that people and activities in real world can be synchronized and communicate through an interface into the virtual reality world. Ivaya Pixel and Ivaya Link are the core portals that can access to Ivaya universe and users from various categories such as business, industries, social networks, games, simulations and more.


IVAYA PIXEL is a web business platform such as business directory, pixel marketing advertisement, search engine, mini-webpage, and business professional services.


IVAYA LINK is a mobile messenger app/online service for communication among various users in our system with essential core functions and providing ideal UI/UX experience to users.